Supervisor’s Office


Timothy Bowman

Phone (734) 461-6201 Ext. 12227#
Fax: (734) 461-9646
Email: [email protected]

Supervisor Secretary

Karen Woodington

Phone (734) 461-6201 Ext. 12229#
Fax: (734) 461-9646

Email: [email protected]

Deputy Supervisor

Elle Cole O'Connell

Phone (734) 461-6201 Ext. 12231#
Fax: (734) 461-9646

Email: [email protected]


Jennifer Stamper

Bryan Huffman

Phone (734) 461-6201 Ext. 12236#
Fax: (734) 461-9646

Email: [email protected]

Road complaints

Sumpter Township is encouraging residents to call 888-762-3273 or log their complaints onto Wayne County's website at

Services that the Supervisor's Office Provide:

Ordinance office email: [email protected]

Need to Report a Streetlight Outage?

Did you know that businesses and residents in your community can report streetlight outages without your help? Our Community Lighting group has an online reporting tool to make it easy to get your streetlights shining bright again.