Graham Park

On June 23th, 1970 the Sumpter Township Parks and Recreation Committee was established and a member of the Township Board was to serve as the Chairman of said Parks and Recreation Committee. This was put into a resolution for decision making plans to establish land for a park.

On November 19th, 1971, Supervisor Elmer Parraghi and the Sumpter Township Board of Trustees purchased 10 acres of vacant land on the North West corner of Sumpter Road and wear Road, for the purpose of a Municipal Park at a cost of $14,900.00 dollars. The prior owner was Mr. Edmondson. At this time this property was called Wear Road Park.

In 1975 Larry Hartwick of Sumpter Township built a Community Senior Building in Wear Road Park. Parks and Recreation developed a Sumpter Day Committee. Sumpter Days started with a three day festivities of booths selling crafts, food, and beverages. Games for kids, baseball areas, a Princess Contest, and fireworks on the last evening were provided. Meetings for Sumpter Days were held each month at the Community Senior Building. A pavilion in the back of the park was built two or three years after starting Sumpter Days. Plans for a two diamond baseball area for Little League were presented but because of the lack of monies these plans fell through and only one baseball diamond was constructed.


A new larger pavilion was constructed next to the Wear Road Community Senior Center in 1980. In 1986 the Sumpter Township Board dissolved the Sumpter Days Committee and Parks and Recreation took over the Sumpter Days festival. They moved the festival to the Community Center grounds and renamed it Sumpterfest. Wear Road Park was never used for a festival again. Parks and Recreation now use the building for their needs.


On November 6th 1985 the Wear Road Park was dedicated to the memory of Officer Roy Graham and renamed Graham Park. Officer Roy Graham has been the only Police Officer to give up his life in the line of duty in Sumpter Township. On July 24th 1993 a memorial in memory of Officer Graham was held and a memorial plaque was mounted in the park. In 2006 a twenty year memorial to the passing of Officer Graham was held with family, friends , area Police Officers, Township Officials , and citizens all in attendance.

Officer Roy Graham
Officer Roy Graham

In 2005 Parks and Recreation started an annual Family Day for Sumpter children. This is a one day event for the children consisting of a softball game between Belleville and Sumpter police and the fire departments, children’s games and contests. Food (hot dogs, chips and Pop) is provided free of charge.


Major improvements are currently being made in the park financed by a $75,000.00 grant from Wayne County. New parking lots have been installed, the old pavilions removed, and three new pavilions are under construction. By the end of 2009, there will be new playground equipment for the children, new picnic tables, new barbecue grills installed, and hopefully the basketball court can be improved. The year 2009 will be a good year for Graham Park thanks to Wayne County Commissioner Kevin McNamara and Wayne County.


New improvement will be made in 2011. The basketball court is scheduled to be resurfaced. New porta-johns will be installed and two new drinking fountains will help the citizens enjoy the park.