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Virtual Regular Board Meeting

6:00 pm, Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

This Meeting Event is being held ZOOM virtual only.

Meeting ID: 

Dial by your location

(646) 558-8656 US (EST)

Meeting ID: 

Sumpter Township Board Meeting Rules of Conduct for Public Comment:

-You must identify yourself to be recognized during the meeting

-During the Workshop you may be called upon by the Supervisor to speak by using the “Raise Your Hand” function (6:00 pm)

-If you would like to speak during the Public Comments, please do one of the following:

  • Please place your request to speak via email in advance to [email protected]
  • During the meeting send a direct message in the chat function, no later than 6:15 pm to Elle O’Connell, as raising your hand will not result in you being called upon during the meeting

Thank you.


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